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Date: June,30 of 2011 - Bruce Lindeman - CAPTAIN
My son Matt is a Midshipman at the US Naval Academy and wanted to get his Private Pilot rating while home on summer break. Jose Velasquez at Above Flight Training provided him with excellent ground and flight instruction. He is very professional and thorough. Matt passed his FAA check ride with flying colors, and feels strongly that this experience will significantly enhance his chances of becoming a Naval Aviator. Jose and Above Flight Training are highly recommended!

Date: April,6 of 2011 - James Carraway -
Did my commercial and multiengine ratings through Above Flight Training. Unlike other flight schools that prioritize students from college or international programs, Above Flight Training strives to meet your flight training goals at your pace and schedule. Jose, my flight instructor, is not rushing to land a job in the airlines, so he provides very close and personal attention to his students to maximize their learning and minimize the amount of time to achieve their ratings.

Date: December,16 of 2010 - Name:Robert Gimenez - Title:Have Fun!!!
Testimonial: I met Jose Velasquez while I was taking classes in another flight school in North Perry during the fall of 2008. My work schedule did not help me to fly regularly and consistent at that moment, but Jose always worked out to squeeze some hours into the Above Flight School schedule to find the way to fly and finally have fun. A nice feature if you are looking flexibility and personal training. Personally I think that flight training is not a difficult task to performed, of course if you have more than 4000 hours of flight training like Mr Velasquez possess!! He is very experienced and has a tremendous knowledge of flight training. As a student you have to trust and feel comfortable seated beside your CFI otherwise your training would be tedious and unpleasant, but with Jose it was just to have fun! Patient was a key during my flight training. My communications with the outside world really sucked. Even after practicing over and over for several times the same procedures, and of course failed all of them, Jose kept pushing until I reached the perfect level to go and rock in my check ride exam. If you are considering to start your dream of flying, do not hesitate to contact Above School. I truly recommend it! Have fun!!

Date: October,6 of 2010 - Name:Jose Ramos - Title:Flight Instructor
Testimonial: My name is Jose Ramos. Thanks to Mr. Jose V I just got my Private pilot license. I'm very lucky to know this CFI, he really goes to the point in every class he teaches . I'm on my way to obtain my instrument rating and of course, Jose V will get me there. I would highly recommend Jose V. as your CFI, you will never regret it .

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